Snow White Cream
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Snow-White is an excellent blend of gentle agent which cleans & remove excess pigmentation, scar, oil & bacteria which lighten and smooth the skin and  clears & calm acne, roseacea and other inflammatory disorders like of skin. Snow-White Cream has proved to be good for prevention of Melasma (dark  pigmentation), acne-vulgaris, skin blemishes, pimple marks and all kind of facial problems. Snow-White Cream is a topical cream containing three active  ingredients, which work together to treat melasma, swelling, itchiness and various other skin disorder conditions. The active ingredient Hydroquinone can  lighten dark patches of skin. Snow-White also removes dead skin cells so that your complexion looks fresh and radiant. Most of patients (about 80%) with  melasma experienced improvement by Snow-White cream.