Nayan Jyoti Eye Drops
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Nayan Jyoti Eye Drops offered by us are one of our best medicines for curing chronic eye infections. Our Nayan Jyoti Eye Drops are prepared from punarnava (a rare natural herb) and other Ayurvedic herbs for getting relief from eye infections that cause redness and swelling. Nayan Jyoti Eye Drops is our trademark registered medicine. By administrating Nayan Jyoti Eye Drops 4 times a day, one can get rid of spectacles and eyes will remain healthy throughout life. We are well-known Manufacturers and Suppliers of Nayan Jyoti Eye Drops in the market. Minimum order quantity should be 6 pieces.

Cures Chronic Diseases Such As

  • Jala
  • Mada
  • Night blindness
  • Sambalbai
  • Motiabind


  • 4-5 times in a day